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Speak Japanese Crossculturally

How to Speak Japanese
•Practial skills to enable you to bridge distances with  Japanese customers and business partners
•How to become "indispensable" to Japanese

for ALL Japanese proficiency levels!

Your Coach
Tak Kawatani - Crosscultural Management Consultant

Author of Winning Together at Japanese Companies


For Who


Anyone who wants to acquire the practical knowledge and the skills to "connect" with Japanese working partners.

People who want to learn what it takes to win their confidence and become indispensable to Japanese people.

Why This Course?

You may have picked up some Japanese, and have worked with Japanese for some time now. You have made friends and overcome initial challenges.

After a while, however, you begin to realise interesting projects passing above your head, promotion becoming stagnant, initial contacts remaining initial, and that you are still feeling distant from them despite your best efforts.

This course is for you to learn deep cultural motivators of Japanese business people. It is pragmatic and profound, yet applicable for both beginners and seasoned pros in Japan business.

“Bridge Distances, Build Bond and 
Become Indispensable Partners.”

Session Contents
❶ The Most Critical Japanese Business Practice: HORENSO 報連相

Without Hokoku-Renraku-Sodan, Japanese businesspersons will end up getting lost in the organisational jungle without compass. Without it, Japanese can’t find food, water and safe route in the terrain. It’s that critical habit second nature to Japanese managers. Literally hokoku means reporting. Renraku means informing. Sodan means consultation.

HORENSO is not a new concept for people working in Japanese companies. But its real benefits, how it works and why Japanese need it so badly has not been explained properly.
That has been responsible for causing non-Japanese people to get confused about Japanese expectations, and be unable to deliver, and Japanese to be frustrated,feel insecure in the dark and unable to make decisions. In the end, they feel their foreign counterparts are not reliable.
❷ 10 Behaviours Japanese Managers Frown Upon and Treasure

You will learn with the original diagram about 10 frown-upons and 10 treasured behaviours of decision-makers in Japan. Those behaviours are never explained by words as they are second nature to them. Frown-upons also go unnoticed by non-Japanese people as they are the standard procedures for them.  

Takashi will explain sharply and succinctly the pitfalls to avoid, actions to be changed, and enhance trust-based relationship.

Even the managers from Japanese companies say Takashi's seminar is much deeper than their years of experiences with the Japanese expats, and that they have understood for the first time why they have been talking at cross-purposes for a long time. 
<Training Methods>

Takashi uses video clips, graphics and action lists to facilitate intuitive understanding of the busienss concepts and the dynamics of face-to-face interaction with Japanese people, even for beginners of Japan business.
❸ Get Your Questions Answered by Takashi

Takashi has published a dozen books in crosscultural leadership. He has taught 20,000 CEOs, managers, engineers and government officers in 20 countries, from London to New York to Mumbai to Beijing and Tokyo. Bring him just any questions that remain unanswered. He will advise for any personal interests and challenges about crosscultural business and communication.

Japanese Proficiency Is NOT Required


This seminar is for all levels of Japanese proficiency, from zero to advanced.

1-On-1 Coaching is also available if you want custom-designed training for your personal situations and issues. Please ask Tak for FREE pre-consulting to determine the program and the schedule.

Session format

This is an online ZOOM lesson.



・June 11th Fri.  

   18:00 – 20:00  CST

   19:00– 21:00   EST

    8:00 – 10:00   JST

・June 19th  Sat.       

   10:00 - 12:00   CEST 

   17:00 – 19:00   JST

▶content is same for all dates. 



 ¥3,500  *comes with materials and free download of excerpt of Winning Together at Japanese Companies

*1-On-1 Coaching: one session is ¥30,000


・1 session ¥30,000 / 3 sessions ¥90,000 / 6 sessions  ¥180,000

・1 session is 3 hours and fully custom-made problem-solving for personal issues.

See more information below.

Full refund policy

If you are not happy after the course, we will give you a full refund. Please email us within a day after the course ends. 

Collaborating with Various Institutions & Companies Globally

Voices of Participants

2 days vs. 5 years
Banker, Singapore

What I learned in this 2 day course is much deeper than what I learned in my 5 years employment at my bank.

Turn complex to simple

HR consultant, Vietnam


My company now encounters many problems with non-Japanese staff. Kawatani sensei was able to take the complex and make it simple. I was surprised that he pointed out areas where I could do things better. The session is very much tuned in to where I was. Sensei was very approachable and encouraging, and it was really fun! I learnt the concrete steps to connect with Japanese people. I hope this seminar will reach more people and wish every foreigner success at Japanese companies.

Hidden meanings revealed

IT specialist, India


Yes, I will give 5 STARS to this session and Kudos to Kawatani sensei's initiative and super presentation skills! He has in-depth knowledge and experience in cross-cultural management. Even I am working in Japan for three years now, I have learned many secrete/hidden meanings of the Japanese behaviour at workplace, also about the ideas and values of the Japanese management system. Got answers to many of my "Why Japanese People??" questions!

A bridge with top management

Manufacturing, production control, Malaysia


Thanks to this program, I have been able to understand, for the first time, what my Japanese president was thinking. Before the program, we had all kinds of misperceptions about each other that were hard to untie. I hope Mr. Kawatani will continue to serve as a bridge between us and top management. Thank you very much.


Tak Kawatani 河谷隆司


I have dedicated 35 years to help Japanese managers and engineers to become great leaders and their international colleagues like you to
collaborate with them for synergy.

Since 1986, I have been travelling globally to train business managers, engineers, diplomats and military officers, speak at conferences and media
and published extensively.

Under globalisation, Japanese people need people like you who can show them new ways to create value across cultures.

Please join Success Japan Initiative!

●Please send the registration form below.

After you send the form, you will be moved to payment section. After you make the payment, you will receive confirmation email.

If you have chosen 1-On-1 Coaching, please email to Tak your preferred two dates and times of ZOOM pre-meeting to determine session contents and the number of coaching session.


We are excited to have you with us and hope to see you soon!

●Success Japan Seminars are managed by Diversity Management Institute Inc.
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How to Speak Japanese
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