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How to Win Recognition of a Japanese Boss 
•Know the Truth about "RECOGNITION" Before You Expect
  Them to Delegate Bigger Responsibilities to You
•Find Out Strategic, Step-by-step Actions to Win their Trust
•Learn How to Ask Smart Questions to Get Their Attention

Your Trainer Tak Knows Your Dilemmas and Frustration Deeply After Having Met Thousands of People Like You, and Japanese Expatriates' Dilemmas You've Never Heard.

Session Contents
Personal Message from Tak Kawatani: Some Day You Must Decide…

Let's face the fact. Japanese companies Do NOT necessarily make everyone happy. Some fit in, some don't. You know their culture is so dissimilar to yours.


That's their “strength” in areas including a harmonious culture and consensus-based decision-making but “weakness” in building a dynamic team and aggressive soldiers because of the same reasons.

Aggressive action is a good virtue in many Western or even Asian businesses. But it is not in Japan as you know. They like the opposites: reticent, cautious, reflective types who try to "fit in". However, many result-oriented individuals in today's world do NOT think it is their job to fit in. They challenge their bosses and the bosses like that.


But you will be shunned in a Japanese company doing so. You know that too.

So you must ask yourself one last time -- why you have decided to join your company at the very beginning. Whatever issues you are having now, you believe there must be something you can do to turn the situation around. That’s why you are reading my message now.

After you have learnt deep knowledge and practical skills from this seminar and change your actions from a "mutual" benefit point of view for a reasonable period of time (they need time to change too), if you still don't see any hope, at some point, you need to judge --- accept it, give it up or move on.

Frankly, your success rate will be 50/50. 50/50 is a very good chance!!  There ARE certain things you can do to turn your situation around to make you happy while making them happy at the same time.


Two hours is short, but I believe you will learn a lot if you are serious in making your life better. If you still have respect to what Japanese culture can offer to your work and life in the midst of egos and antagonism, I want you to stay on happily.

How This Seminar Can Help You Turn Around the Situation (what you will learn):

1. Dilemmas of Non-Japanese Employees’ and Japanese Bosses’ in Japan and Abroad

・lost venues to get trained to be a leader before leaving Japan

・absence of honest conversations about mutual future 同床異夢

・overseas subsidiaries as a place of extraterritoriality 治外法権

2. Who fits in and who doesn’t with Japanese companies?

・behaviours and attitudes they frown upon and treasure

3. MUST Actions and Skills to Increase Recognition in Japanese Organisations 

・how to make your bosses and customers realise your proactiveness is not for self-promotion but simply for doing a good job (the definition of “a good job” is culture-bound)

・how to communicate your concerns about the future of the company in terms of business expansion and

localisation of employees without backing them into a corner

・how to become the “indispensable” person whom they have no choice but to depend upon

・how to let three functions of sodan 相談or consultation for synergy work maximumly well (strategic

move and benefit of sodan is little understood)

・special Japanese phrases to open the door of their honne 本音 or true intentions (but it is your job to enter honne!)

4. Three Success Factors: Reliability-Dependability-Trustworthiness

5. Group coaching about personal issues and questions

Join this program to find the clues to your questions unanswered for a long time. I will show you how to take a step forward to your satisfying and meaningful career!!

Remember mastering how to shine in Japanese companies will prepare you to shine in any global companies seeking ways to survive in an increasingly VUCA world today (Vague, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)!


Tak Kawatani

Crosscultural Management Consultant Who Has Trained 20,000 Japanese & Local Managers Globally


All Business Levels Can Attend and Learn 

This seminar is suitable for all levels of Japanese business experiences, from fresh graduates to senior managers. Tak will adjust comments according to participants' situations and needs.

This seminar is also ideal to know potential pitfalls in advance and prepare for them.

1-On-1 Coaching is available

・Do you want to have personalised solutions for your specific issues?  Tak is known for his down-to-earth field advice being at home with Japanese perspective and global business styles.

・Coaching time is 3 hours per session. One, three and six sessions are available. More information below.

Session format

・This is an online ZOOM lesson. Link will be sent after registration.
・High-value slides with graphical illustrations used in the session will be sent to you after the session for your review. 

Dates (Japan Time!)

Febuary 20 10:00-12:00  (Japan time)

March 6      22:00-24:00  (Japan time)

▶content is same for both slots. 


*Seminar: ¥15,000

*1-On-1 Coaching: one session is ¥30,000

 ・1 session ¥30,000 / 3 sessions ¥90,000 / 6 sessions  ¥180,000

 ・1 session is 3 hours and fully custom-made problem-solving for personal issues and needs.

Full refund policy

If you are not happy after the course, we will give you a full refund. Please email us within a day after the course ended. 

Collaborating with Various Institutions & Companies Globally

Voices of Participants

Hidden meanings revealed

IT specialist, India


Yes, I will give 5 STARS to this session and Kudos to Kawatani sensei's initiative and super presentation skills! He has in-depth knowledge and experience in cross-cultural management. Even I am working in Japan for three years now, I have learned many secrete/hidden meanings of the Japanese behaviour at workplace, also about the ideas and values of the Japanese management system. Got answers to many of my "Why Japanese People??" questions!

Turn complex to simple

HR consultant, Vietnam


My company now encounters many problems with non-Japanese staff. Kawatani sensei was able to take the complex and make it simple. I was surprised that he pointed out areas where I could do things better. The session is very much tuned in to where I was. Sensei was very approachable and encouraging, and it was really fun! I learnt the concrete steps to connect with Japanese people. I hope this seminar will reach more people and wish every foreigner success at Japanese companies.

A bridge with top management

Manufacturing, production control, Malaysia


Thanks to this program, I have been able to understand, for the first time, what my Japanese president was thinking. Before the program, we had all kinds of misperceptions about each other that were hard to untie. I hope Mr. Kawatani will continue to serve as a bridge between us and top management. Thank you very much.


Tak Kawatani 河谷隆司

Crosscultural Management Consultant

President, Diversity Management Institute Inc. (Japan)

I have spent 35 years to help Japanese managers and engineers to become great leaders and their international colleagues like you to collaborate with them for synergy.

Since 1986, I have been travelling globally to train business managers, engineers, diplomats and military officers, speak at conferences and media
and published extensively.

Under globalisation, everyone can grow to be a better person by learning from one another and create value across cultures together.

Come join me with Success Japan Initiatives!

●Please send the registration form below.

After you send the form, you will be moved to payment section. After you make the payment, you will receive confirmation email.

If you have chosen 1-On-1 Coaching, please email to Tak your preferred two dates and times of ZOOM pre-consulting to determine session content, as well as clear description of your issues and specific questions/solutions you want Tak to answer.

We are excited to have you with us and hope to see you soon!

●Success Japan Seminars are managed by Diversity Management Institute Inc.
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