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“Real” Japanese Business Skills Simulation

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This is a simulation to build your skills. Use of power points is limited to minimum. The analysis and planning for organising your moves will get you to think strategically and cross-culturally.


Your working knowledge and field-tested influencing skills vis‐à‐vis Japanese corporate culture will be tested during the 2 hour session. No Japanese fluency is required.

You will play a character in a meeting scenario to (1) LOWER their guard, (2) MANAGE silent Nos, in order to (3) GET RECOGNISED of your value. 


Ask your trainer Tak Kawatani questions about the challenges from your work, and get street-smart, personalised, strategic advice.

✔ Get coached on your Japanese business skills. Know the way to go to build business communication skills with Japan!


Instruction Language

English. No Japanese fluency is required. 

However, whenever necessary, Tak will advice strategic use of Japanese phrases you will not learn from books or schools. 

We know N2 or even N1 level people sound like "students of Japanese language" even though they are speaking Japanese in business! That's because they didn't learn it in real-life situaitons. 

Session format


This is a ZOOM session. Link will be sent after registration.
High-value slides used in the session will be sent to you after the program. 


November 19th   22:00-24:00  JST (Japan Time)

To Maximise Your Learning...

If you have not taken Tak's Udemy best-selling course "Speak Japanese Cross-culturally", we recommend you to take it before the program

This is a on-demand course to learn Japanese business culture combined with select "connecting" Japanese phrases in 2 hours.


●Seminar: ¥4,000   

1-On-1 Coaching: one session is ¥30,000

 ・1 session ¥30,000 / 3 sessions ¥90,000 / 6 sessions  ¥180,000

 ・The session is 3 hours and fully custom-made problem-solving for personal issues and needs.

Full refund policy

If you are not happy after the course, we will give you a full refund. Please email us within 24 hours

after the course. 

Voices of Udemy Course Participants about the Same Topic

A. Patil

"This course was really insightful for understanding different phrases and concepts used in Japanese Business conversations and the idea behind them. I think the 5 Golden rules are really helpful to navigate in Japanese corporate culture. I really hope that you will make more Udemy courses on related subject, Kawatani-san."

M. Barbara

"Provides excellent guidance to interacting with colleagues, clients and superiors in a Japanese work setting. Thanks to accessible explanations and engaging visuals, it helps you to see the cultural bases for the expressions it recommends. You also get to try out the new language immediately, thanks to guided practice activities in context.

Concise and practical, yet also rewarding at a deeper level. In short: recommended!"

T. Wilhelm

"This is really an awesome course by a great teacher. If you take this course you are rewarded with lots of deep insights but also with very useful practical knowledge. I really enjoyed this course. And I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about Japanese culture. Arigatou-gozaimashita Kawatani-san."

P. Rajpopat

"Kawatani Sensei’s style of teaching has always been very unique and interesting. This course is highly innovative and one of a kind as it focuses on the cross-cultural aspects of learning a language - which is most needed for understanding the Japanese mindset and behaviour patterns. This is an excellent program!!"


Tak Kawatani 河谷隆司

Crosscultural Management Consultant

President, Diversity Management Institute Inc. (Japan)

I have spent 35 years to help Japanese managers and engineers to become great leaders and their international colleagues like you to collaborate with them for synergy.

Since 1986, I have been travelling globally to train business managers, engineers, diplomats and military officers, speak at conferences, hosted radio and internet TV shows, and published a dozen books about global leadership, Japanese management and corporate behaviours.

Under globalisation, Japanese businesses are fighting with dilemmas: being stripped of self-esteem and confidence to speak up and lead the global talent such as YOU reading my bio. 

Come and learn with other like-minded individuals the strategic mind and skills to "connect" with them and achieve your goal of successful collaboration with Japanese people.

I'm looking forward to meeting wonderful people!!  See you soon!!

●Please send the registration form below.

After you send the form, you will be moved to payment section. After you make the payment, you will receive confirmation email.

If you have chosen 1-On-1 Coaching, please email to Tak your preferred two dates and times of ZOOM pre-consulting to determine session content, as well as clear description of your issues and specific questions/solutions you want Tak to answer.

We are excited to have you with us and hope to see you soon!

●Success Japan Seminars are managed by Diversity Management Institute Inc.
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“Real” Japanese Business Skills Simulation
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