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Japanese Crosscultural  Trainers Dojo

The Dojo is the first of its kind 10-week intensive course to train you to become a crosscultural trainer specialised in Japanese business. You learn from how to develop your killer content to branding to marketing knowhow. Competent trainees will be certified as Black Belt 黒帯 Crosscultural Trainer upon graduation.

Nemawashi: the Core of Japanese Decision-Making

April 16th 19:00 India Time

•What exactly is your Japanese partner doing by spending so much time after your meeting with them?
•Is there any institutionalised system inside corporate Japan that Japanese decision-makers must go through?

If you are having such challenges, join Dr. Sagi, the Japanese Management System specialist, to know two essentials of Japanese decision-making: Nemawashi and Ringi.

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How to Work Together Effectively:Asians & Westerners

April 9(Fri) 10:00-12:00 Japan Time

•Are working with or do you want to work with people from Western or Eastern cultures?
•Are you wondering how you can perform well in Western or Eastern workplace? Or are you having difficulties fitting in?

If you are feeling like these, why don’t you join this seminar!

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How to Win Recognition of a Japanese Boss

•Know the Truth about "RECOGNITION" Before You Expect
Them to Delegate Bigger Responsibilities to You
•Find Out Strategic, Step-by-step Actions to Win their Trust
•Learn How to Ask Smart Questions to Get Their Attention

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Speak Japanese Crossculturally!

Speak Japanese Crossculturally!
•Strategies & Subtleties for closing the distance with your
Japanese business partners and colleagues
•Uncover their Honne (real feelings and intentions)

Invest 2 hours in Changing Your Career!

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