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 Successful Negotiation Skills with Japanese  
•The Principles & Skills of Negotiating with Japanese Who
  Hate Negotiation!
•Detect Hidden Pitfalls and Navigate the Subtle Give & Take
  Where Your Authenticity and Pure Motives are Being Tested

      Overcome their hesitation, fear, and doubt

                               or no sale  Dr. Greg Story

Session Contents
Principles & Skills of Successful Negotaition with Japanese!
In this Success Japan seminar, Tak will discuss theories 20% and skills 80%.
Japanese specific negotiation tactics including:
*Japanese perception of negotiation and what to do to earn their trust
*BMW (Ba, Ma, Wa 場・間・和)
*what exactly to do and not to do during a long thinking pause in discussion
*how to help them make faster decisions without pressuring them
*how to bring out their internal hesitation, dilemma and fear
*how to make strategic use of questions, emotions and pressure you are feeling wihch will be the last
  thing you confess normally  
*use the skills with other participants in a short roleplaying
*English and Japanese phrases for immediate use after the seminar
Brought up in a argument-shy culture throughout childhood and adulthood, Japanese are  not tough, calculating, shrewed negotiators by nature. However "global" their career may appear, excellent English they may speak, deep down, they want to avoid a situation where they must bargain, assert, disagree. In short, they hate negotiation and those who try to bargain with no consideration to their "situations".
They are uncomfortable with typical native speakers of English who talk 80 % of the time, interrupt their thinking pause pregnant with lots of meanings and press for an immediate answer. They lose trust the more eloquent and aggressive a salesperson gets. Successful salespersons in Japan are always quiet. They listen. They are there side by side with the customer's issues. They don't bargain. They suggest. They think together. Step by step.
To succeed in negotiating with negotiation-shy Japnese, you must be pure in your motives. If you are sincere, playing no games, and show them you are tyring hard to make their life easier, they will love you and engage you way beyond and longer than what you have imagined!
As a seasoned sales guru in Japan stresses, 
"Never sell, if you don't have their trust".
Join this program to acquire down-to-earth skills that will bring your career to new heights!!
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All Skill Levels Can Learn

This seminar is suitable for all levels of Japanese business experiences, from beginners to advanced.

Japanese language proficiency is irrelevant for this course.

Tak will discuss theories 20% and skills 80%.

1-on-1 Coaching is available if you want the solutions for your personal issues. He is known for his down-to-earth field advice from a Japanese perspective at home with global business styles. Spend three hours for in-depth consulting with Tak for a launch price for a limited time.


Session format

This is an online ZOOM lesson.
Valuable slides used in the session will be sent to you after the session for your review. 

Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of attendance will be issued after the seminar.

Dates (Japan Time!)

 Jan 28th 15:00-18:00 Japan time

 Jan 28th 22:00-25:00 Japan time   *This slot has CLOSED REGISTRATION for full-capacity.

   ▶content is same for both slots. 


*Seminar: 12,000 Yen 

*1-On-1 Coaching for 3 hours: 21,000 Yen

Full refund policy

If you are not happy after the course, we will give you a full refund. Please email us within a day after the course ended. 

Collaborating with Various Institutions & Companies Globally

Voices of Participants

Principles of Negotiating With Japanese

Sales manager, Singapore

Thanks to this Principles of Negotiating With Japanese, I can now do business with them knowing where to push gently and where not. I have realised the areas of change in my current negotiation style. I am excited to use them in my next meeting with them.

Many skills I didn't know
Purchase agent, Thailand

Compared to my Thai colleagues, I've been having problems getting good deals with local customers for many years. It's been trials and errors with not much success. This seminar taught me many various skills I did not know and I cannot wait to use them with local or Japanese customers from now. Thank you Kawatani san!

Putting fuel to the fire!

Senior Security Manager, Hong Kong


Security issues require fine skills of business discussion with Tokyo office colleagues and seniors. Due to time pressure and their too detailed discussion, I have been under a lot of stress, hence ending up with fighting with them. I guess my style was adding fuel to the fire only. I found today effective ways to make them happy while getting things done on my side. 

───This seminar skills work for negotiation and daily communication

with Japanese customers and colleagues.


Tak Kawatani 河谷隆司


I have spent 35 years to help Japanese managers and engineers to become great leaders and their international colleagues like you to collaborate with them for synergy.

Since 1986, I have been travelling globally to train business managers, engineers, diplomats and military officers, speak at conferences and media
and published extensively.

Under globalisation, everyone can grow to be a better person by learning from one another and create value across cultures together.

Come join me with Success Japan Initiatives!

●Please send the registration form below.

After you send the form, you will be moved to payment section. After you make the payment, you will receive confirmation email.

If you have chosen 1-On-1 Coaching, please email to Tak your preferred two dates and times of ZOOM pre-consulting to determine session content, as well as clear description of your issues and specific questions/solutions you want Tak to answer.

We are excited to have you with us and hope to see you soon!

●Success Japan Seminars are managed by Diversity Management Institute Inc.
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