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​In House Program


“Real×Live×Vivid” is the cornerstone of Kawatani Global Seminar:

REAL emotions of real people, LIVE video presentations of

expatriates and their international colleagues, leaving VIVID impact in participants.

In-House Program

In-house Program


Tak Kawatani conducts in-house programs at Japanese and local firms as well as government bodies globally.

He has trained 20,000 managers from 20 countries.

Tak program’s key words are real, live and vivid: interviews with 100 global managers and scholars, creative video clips and photos he shoots, real-time discussion connecting trainees with other branches and headquarters, original graphics that vividly captures the fuzzy cultural concepts, 360 assessment tools, to name a few.


Six Domains of Kawatani Seminars

Since 1990, Tak Kawatani has accumulated fresh incidents and insights straight from the source: trainees and coachees going through crosscultural challenges.

He is a rare consultant at home with East and West, having been conducting programs for Japanese managers and their international counterparts at global locations.

Programs in shade are those for a mixed group of Japanese expatriates and local participants.


Participants' Voice


Banker, Singapore

What I learned in this 2 day Diversity Manager course is much deeper than what I learned in my 5 years employment at my bank


HR consultant, Vietnam

My company now encounters many problems with non-Japanese staff. Kawatani sensei was able to take the complex and make it simple. I was surprised that he pointed out areas where I could do things better. The session is very much tuned in to where I was. Sensei was very approachable and encouraging, and it was really fun! I learnt the concrete steps to connect with Japanese people. I hope this seminar will reach more people and wish every foreigner success at Japanese companies.


Intercultural Coach, Language Teacher, USA

Highly recommendable! I just recently participated in one of the sessions myself and found it extremely insightful. Both intercultural trainers and professionals doing business with Japan will find these sessions incredibly helpful. No matter how much you think you know, there is always something new to discover. Never stop learning and discovering!


Manufacturing, production control, Malaysia

Thanks to this program, I have been able to understand, for the first time, what my Japanese president was thinking. Before the program, we had all kinds of misperceptions about each other that were hard to untie. I hope Mr. Kawatani will continue to serve as a bridge between us and top management. Thank you very much.

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