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How to Work Together Effectively:Asians & Westerners 

How to Work Together Effectively:
Asians & Westerners 

•Are you working with or do you want to work with people from Western or Eastern cultures?


•Are you wondering how you can give 100% of you in performing in Western or Eastern workplaces?  Or are you having difficulties fitting in?

If you are feeling like these, why don’t you join this seminar!


Come understand your communication style and build your strategies and skills to "shift your styles" across Western & Eastern cultures!

Your trainer Rie Eichmann speaks straight to your aspirations from her wealth of international business & life experiences in 5 countries including UK, US, Australia, Thailand and Taiwan.

Session Contents
Who is this course for?
Anyone who are going to work with different cultural backgrounds for the first time or going to work with people in international business environment.

What you will learn:


1. How to manage challenges you might face

You might not be able to perform 100% of you if you have difficulties building a good relationship with your colleague/line manager who has different expectations.


2. How to communicate across different communication styles

Recognize your own communication style so you can learn how you communicate with people having different communication styles.


3. 8 Steps to be a great communicator in the East and the West

We will go through the 8 steps to help you understand and become aware of what you need to do, and how to apply your skills you have learned so far.


4. Group coaching and Q&A

By the end of the program, Rie will guide you to come up with your own communication styles as well as action plans necessary to communicate with your target country styles.

Your questions will be answered!!

This can help you find out what is your next step to move on to perform better in international workplace.

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Session format

・This is an online ZOOM session. Link will be sent after registration.
・High-value slides used in the session will be sent to you after the session for your review. 

Date: Japan Time

April 9th 2021  10:00-12:00  (Japan time)


*Seminar: ¥8,000

*1-On-1 Coaching: one session is ¥30,000

 ・1 session ¥30,000 / 3 sessions ¥90,000 / 6 sessions  ¥180,000

 ・1 session is 3 hours and fully custom-made problem-solving for personal issues and needs.

Full refund policy

If you are not happy after the course, we will give you a full refund. Please email us within a day after the course ended. 

Voices of Participants

Jonathan Sulenski

CEO Cirrus Mobile, London, UK

"Rie is a charming and enthusiastic consultant who is very knowledgeable in the field of cultural awareness in business. Her style is both informative and entertaining. Even experienced business people engaging in international business activity will benefit from Rie's training."

Mariangela Giuliani​

Marketing Director at Collectiv Food, London, UK

"Rie is a strategic marketeer with extensive experience in events and business education. While working together at QS, she has delivered tangible contributions to the marketing planning by bringing in her knowledge of international markets and cross-cultural mediation. She is also a confident and professional line manager and she has been a great team member to work with"

Ashley Ward

executive coach, London, UK

"From the moment she took to the floor Rie had our group captivated, I have never seen the learning experience executed so effectively and with such humour - all our CEO members will never forget that highly informative and entertaining session, they will definitely not commit faux pas in Asia".

Hyewon Park

Regional Director - APAC & EMEA Media & Advertising expert

"Rie provided us a very interesting cultural insights on how to deal with Japanese business partners and clients. Her session was very fun, engaging yet insightful and easy to understand. I highly recommend Rie for those individuals or companies who are looking for a cross cultural consultant as she is very well experienced and well travelled."

Rie LP.png

Rie Eichmann

Crosscultural Trainer & Coach

Personal and Professional Transition

Rie has worked and lived in Taiwan, Thailand, US and UK and currently based in Brisbane, Australia. 


She offers interactive workshops, training on crossucltural communication, global mindsets and leadership skills to young professionals and executives.

She brings over 10 years of international business experiences as marketing specialist in higher education, IT and hospitality to her training and coaching. Her programs are reputed to be engaging and fun filled with case stories.

Rie holds MBA from Webster Graduate School, UK, and BA in international relations from Asia University. Rie is an associate consultant with Success Japan Initiative organised by Tak Kawatani of Diversity Management Institute Inc. (Japan). 

From the trainer

Rie Eichmann, MBA


“I have worked in Asia including Japan, Taiwan and Thailand - also worked in Europe, UK for many years and have learned what kind of skills you are missing as Asians to excel in a Western workplace.


Likewise I have encountered numerous cases where people from Western cultural background tend to find it difficult to work with people from Asia.


I would like to help make our workplace smooth for both worlds and the key is really for both to have the awareness and the skills to shift communication styles when you are in the multicultural situation.”

●Please send the registration form below.

After you send the form, you will be moved to payment section. After you make the payment, you will receive confirmation email.

If you have chosen 1-On-1 Coaching, please email to Tak your preferred two dates and times of ZOOM pre-consulting to determine session content, as well as clear description of your issues and specific questions/solutions you want Tak to answer.

We are excited to have you with us and hope to see you soon!

●Success Japan Seminars are managed by Diversity Management Institute Inc.
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