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<Free Webinar>Public Debate!

Do you think Japan will comback strong as a centre of technological innovation after Covid and continue to be so throughout the 21st century?
▶April 8 (Thr) 17:30-18:30 Japan Time!

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<PREVIEW> Japanese Crosscultural Trainer Dojo

The Dojo is a 10-week intensive course to train you to become a crosscultural trainer specialised in Japanese business cultrure.
What You Will Learn with Preview
✅ What is a “Crosscultural Trainer” ? Why is it in Big Demand Now?
✅ How to Become a Successful Crosscultural Trainer
✅ The Growth Path toward a Professional Crosscultural Trainer
✅ How Japan Experience Can Help People Become Happy in Business and Private

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KURUMAZA 車座 Dialogue: Answering ALL Your Questions about Working With Japanese!

Success Japan Free Webinar!!
●Date: 2020/10/28 17:15 -18:30 JST Free ZOOM Meeting
●Target participant: non-Japanese individuals seeking practical insights about Japanese way of work.

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10月 サクセスジャパン<無料>勉強会のお誘い

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Free Online "Success Japan" Coaching!

Free Online “Success Japan Seminars” Coaching!
Here is our latest open event for those of you working at or with Japanese companies.

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8月 オンライン<無料>勉強会のお誘い

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英語での「想い」の伝え方 zoom無料勉強会へのお誘い

 ~ZOOM<無料勉強会> β版へのお誘い
英語が下手でも“人の心を打つ” メッセージを伝えたい!

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1. アジア太平洋の人々の成長欲求とジレンマを占う2つのポイント
2. 信頼を積み重ね、離職の芽を摘む、⽇常のコミュニケーションの取り⽅
3. ⽇本⼈の想いが通じない3⼤理由と対応法

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Success Japan Seminars

★6/3の新講座へ来たれ! 日本人が英語が話せない根本原因の「ネイティブ英語」信仰。この金縛りを捨て、日本文化の香り立つからこそ国際的に通用する「日本流」の英語を獲得する神髄を伝授します。河谷隆司がNHKラジオ英会話にしかお金を使わず英文書を海外出版し、経営大学院で英語で講義し、英語TV番組で日本精神を発信するに至った秘中の秘!!

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ALL About Working With Japanese ~How to Shine in Kaisha~

Do you want to end up resigning your kaisha (company) so prematurely without getting anything valuable to your life?
Of course you don't.

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◆海外赴任前<直前対策>講座◆ サクセスジャパンセミナーvol.3

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