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Our courses come in four types.

They are custom designed in-house seminars, affordable on-demand videos for self-learning, solution-focused 1-on-1 coaching with a coach of your choice, and the fourth is public seminars for anyone with a strong desire to know more and excel.​



Japanese Crosscultural  Trainers Dojo

The Dojo is the first of its kind 10-week intensive course to train you to become a crosscultural trainer specialised in Japanese business. You learn from how to develop your killer content to branding to marketing knowhow. Competent trainees will be certified as Black Belt 黒帯 Crosscultural Trainer upon graduation.


Free Webinar

If you want to know what you need to know, join our monthly complimentary webinars.
But don’t be misled.
Ours are different from ordinary free events that are only previews of the main events.
The energy we put to prepare is no different from paid seminars.


1-on-1 Coaching

Success Japan Coaching is a total custom-design session to address personal needs of a coachee.

The learning occurs both during the live sessions and “between” the sessions by way of pre/post works to enable anchoring of learning in a coachee’s real life.

Your investment is for the whole coaching period, not just when you meet the coach online.


 Public Seminars

Whatever your curiosity is, whatever is blocking your talent, whatever solutions you are seeking.
Meet our compassionate coaches and share all with them.
They are always doing their BEST to help you see the desitination you want to see.
“The best way to get ahead is getting started!”


Success Japan Videos

Our video programs are a rich extract of inspiration, knowledge and skills you need to thrive in international business.
They cover from crosscultural management to Asian business cultures to strategic business Japanese/English for language learners. Success Japan Videos are concise and extremely pragmatic, condensed normally for 30 minutes to several hours. Programmes are available in English and Japanese.

In-house Program


Tak Kawatani conducts in-house programs at Japanese and local firms as well as government bodies globally.
He has trained 20,000 managers from 20 countries. 
Tak program’s key words are real, live and vivid: interviews with 100 global managers and scholars, creative video clips and photos he shoots, real-time discussion connecting trainees with other branches and headquarters, original graphics that vividly captures the fuzzy cultural concepts, 360 assessment tools, to name a few.


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