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Success Japan coaches are your life-partners.

We stand by you and inspire you to reach the lifestyle you are seeking.

We show you how with the profound insights gained from studying Japan.

We are your guide of crosscultural terrain.

Your Guide of Crosscultural Terrain


Kawatani Takashi


Kawatani Takashi is founder and President of Diversity Management Institute Inc, established in 1988. DMI has been a pioneer of crosscultural management and leadership training and research for Japanese firms in Southeast Asia since 1990.

After having served as advisors to public organisations to promote globalisation of Japanese firms, he was invited by a Malaysian government thinktank and a Japanese government bank to lead research projects on Japanese corporate behaviour and a Malaysian educational policy.

Tak trains managers, military officers and diplomats globally and consults cultural integration of international M&As. Former university lecturer of management and a recipient of Global HR Excellence Award at World HRD Congress. He hosts an internet TV show “Japan Spirit”.

Tak received his BA in English language and studied at Human and Organisational Development PhD program at Fielding Graduate University in California, USA. He has published a dozen books of crosscultural management.


Dr. Thomas Wilhelm


Dr. Thomas Wilhelm is founder and Managing Partner at Projekt Philosophie. Projekt Philosophie focuses on a value-based consulting approach in developing the human potential in SMEs and multi-national organizations.

Over the past 29 years, he trained more than 10,000 managers, team leaders and professional experts in communication and leadership skills. He has a vast experience as a coach and often provides support as conflict mediator

His special fields of expertise: value-based leadership, argumentation, persuasion strategies, Asian business communication. Thomas teaches intercultural communication at SDI Munich, University of Applied Science.

Thomas received his master’s degree in Philosophy, Logic and Chinese Language from the LMU in Munich. He gained his PH. D at the University of Halle. Thomas is author of several best-selling books on communication, argumentation and business ethics.

Rie Eichmann.jpg

Rie Eichmann


Rie Eichmann specialises in cross cultural training and coaching for managers and young professionals in personal and professional transition. Rie is originally from Tokyo, Japan and worked and lived in Taiwan, Thailand, US and UK and currently based in Brisbane, Australia, which makes her quad-lingual speakers of English, Chinese, Thai and Japanese. 

She specialises in crosscultural communication, global mindsets and global leadership. She has a master’s degree in business management, a bachelor’s degree in international relations.

She brings over 10 years of international business experience including higher education, e-commerce, IT and hospitality to her training and coaching that are highly acclaimed as dynamic and fun filled with engaging case stories. 


Throughout her career, Rie has worked with and led a global team of over 20 nationalities as a marketing specialist. 

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