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Do You Want to Use Your Japan Experience to Help People Shine?


What You Will Learn with Preview

✅ What is a “Crosscultural Trainer” ? Why is it in Big Demand Now?

✅ How to Become a Successful Crosscultural Trainer

✅ The Growth Path toward a Professional Crosscultural Trainer

✅ How Japan Experience Can Help People Become Happy in Business and Private


Yes, I Want to Join Japanese Crosscultural Trainers Dojo Now! 道場入門

Please send the registration form below ^^

After you send the form and make the payment, you will receive the link of chat system "Slack" that contains Tak’s welcome letter, starting task and live coaching dates.

The first video with learning instructions will be up on Slack in the middle of February.
We are excited to begin the conversation with you. LET'S BEGIN!!

Japanese Crosscultural

Trainers Dojo <Admission Form>


The Dojo is for

●Businesspersons working in international or Japanese business

●Business/crosscultural/diversity consultant and coach

●Japanese language teachers and translators/interpreters

●Business English teachers teaching Japanese learners


►Businesspersons will learn how to turn their experiences into a training business.

►Consultants and coaches will deepen knowledge about global management and leadership as well as Japan-specific work values and practices.

►Language teachers and translators will gain new client base and be able to charge higher with insights of business management and crosscultural training skills.

What is Trainers “Dojo” 道場?

Dojo or 道場is a training hall like a tatami-matted Judo hall. It is an agora where the Way seekers gather to train spirit and skills. There, trainees treat each other as “sensei” or “colleagues” sharing the aspirations to pursue excellence of the Way. 

Japanese Crosscultural Trainers Dojo is a unique place where a person with Japan experiences comes together and learns how to become a linking bridge of world cultures. 

Crosscultural trainers are engaged by private and public organisations to conduct training and coaching in order to help people navigate cultural challenges and shine in different stages of life and professions.

If you have international business or teaching and consulting experiences, Dojo is a perfect place to acquire the rare knowledge and skillsets to help make this world a better place as a crosscultural specialist.

Join and learn with Dojo master trainers, and take an important first step forward with us!

Your 17 Benefits 十七の報酬

Once you join the Training Dojo, you will go through the essential models & theories of crosscultural communication, global & Japanese management, pragmatic training skills, and marketing knowhows that will propel you forward on your own even after you have graduated Dojo.

●Knowledge & Skills 知と技

1. Field-applied real training materials for immediate use after the program.
*to be sourced from global management, Japanese management, Japanese culture, crosscultural communication, international negotiation, personal leadership, etc. 

2. Training tools, methodologies and skills proven effective in the field 現場.
*self-assessments, pre-seminar surveys, role-play scenarios, case studies, First 90 Days worksheet, etc.

3. Global leadership insights and case stories: VUCA and Japanese dilemmas.

4. Unique insights about Japanese management philosophies and practices.
*Mandala of Japanese business culture to be adapted to any cultures, secrets of Japanese language & values, corporate philosophies, essence of Japanese service, etc.


●Client Relations & Marketing 顧客関係とマーケティング

5. Typical questions your trainees will ask and how to handle them. 

6. Real stories Tak maintains contract of a client for 20 years and captures participants’ top score reviews.

7. Your professional brand definition for market differentiation.
*participants will write ad copy of her bio with and share it online

8. Marketing methods & channels of your products and yourself.
*participants will sell his program to a potential client or organize webinars “during” the training period. Pricing strategies will be addressed.

VJCC 前景.jpg

●Pursuit of Excellence 卓越の探求

9. Ethical standard as a professional Japan-focused crosscultural trainer.

10. Your own book launch project for willing participants. 

11. Your original killer contents program and “THE ONE THING”.
*Tak critiques your original killer contents. You will then demonstrate it online live with other participants and Tak.


●Member Support 道場生の支援

12. Unlimited randori (freestyle training) questions to Dojo trainers by web chat throughout the registered training period.

13. Application tasks as pre/post assignments to submit for critiques by trainers and Dojoites to co-learn and network as “colleagues”.

14. Info-rich session videos and additional high-value bonus videos to enable learning and review at any time, any time zone.

15. Continual online hands-on live consulting by Tak and other trainers and your rehearsal practicums

interview 2.jpg

●Future Support 未来の支援

16. Black Belt 黒帯 Certificate to be conferred to those who have met the requirements.

17. Selected Black Belt holders will be invited to join Dojo team of trainers to (co-)facilitate free/paid seminars and play supportive roles in Success Japan activities


Dojo Curriculum  道場のカリキュラム

10 sessions over 3 months. You can start anytime as main sessions are in video format on the web, considering different time zones and work schedules of learners.

Online live coaching with Tak Kawatani and his associates. Separately, Tak will answer your questions via chat during 3 months. Live coaching dates will be notified on chat system to registered members.

The web links to session videos, bonus videos will be notified in stages to members to enable self-paced learning and reviews at any time and place even after the training period has ended.

Online live coaching will be recorded and uploaded on member’s site to avoid discontinuity of learning.

The Dojo is a hybrid learning of self-paced web learning and live practicums by Tak and other expert trainers.


Would You Like to Learn ALL of These?

Application tasks to internalize learning

Hands-on critique of personal branding as consultant

Live passionate coaching & rehearsals online with Tak and Dojoites

Unlimited Q&A and communication with Tak and Dojoites on chat

FREE Additional Bonus Videos to Enhance Your Marketability

The Black Belt 黒帯Certificate as Proof of Excellence

Admission LPへ追加の表.jpg


Q:When does the Dojo start and end?

A:You can start Dojo anytime. Once you start, it runs for 10 weeks. The day you join is your starting day.

Q:How do you teach us? Is it online?

A:Dojo is a hybrid system of downloadable videos and online live coaching. This way you can maintain your motivation, interact with other members/trainers and concentrated self-paced learning at the same time.

Q:How do assignments look like and are they heavy?

A:Not at all. Assignments vary from filling in a blank space of powerpoint asking Japanese values, making a self-assessment form suiting your training, etc. The more time you put in, the more you will learn from our critiques. But you can adjust your pace and as long as you submit them within 10 weeks in any order, that’ll be fine.

Q:After graduation, do I need to find clients by ourselves?

A:Black belt holders and graduates with demonstrated skills can facilitate free webinars on Success Japan platform. We will support promotion. Black belt holders can facilitate paid Success Japan seminars for profit-sharing basis. We will also share speaking and training opportunities when they arise for them to (co)train. We advise how & which venues you can promote yourself with such as media, training companies or conferences.

Dojo Trainers


Kawatani Takashi

Kawatani Takashi is founder and President of Diversity Management Institute Inc, established in 1988. DMI has been a pioneer of crosscultural management and leadership training and research for Japanese firms in Southeast Asia since 1990.

After having served as advisors to public organisations to promote globalisation of Japanese firms, he was invited by a Malaysian government thinktank and a Japanese government bank to lead research projects on Japanese corporate behaviour and a Malaysian educational policy.

Tak trains managers, military officers and diplomats globally and consults cultural integration of international M&As. Former university lecturer of management and a recipient of Global HR Excellence Award at World HRD Congress. He hosts an internet TV show “Japan Spirit”.

Tak received his BA in English language and studied at Human and Organisational Development PhD program at Fielding Graduate University in California, USA. He has published a dozen books of crosscultural management.


Dr. Thomas Wilhelm

Dr. Thomas Wilhelm is founder and Managing Partner at Projekt Philosophie. Projekt Philosophie focuses on a value-based consulting approach in developing the human potential in SMEs and multi-national organizations.

Over the past 29 years, he trained more than 10,000 managers, team leaders and professional experts in communication and leadership skills. He has a vast experience as a coach and often provides support as conflict mediator

His special fields of expertise: value-based leadership, argumentation, persuasion strategies, Asian business communication. Thomas teaches intercultural communication at SDI Munich, University of Applied Science.

Thomas received his master’s degree in Philosophy, Logic and Chinese Language from the LMU in Munich. He gained his PH. D at the University of Halle. Thomas is author of several best-selling books on communication, argumentation and business ethics.

Rie Eichmann

Rie Eichmann

Rie Eichmann specialises in cross cultural training and coaching for managers and young professionals in personal and professional transition. Rie is originally from Tokyo, Japan and worked and lived in Taiwan, Thailand, US and UK and currently based in Brisbane, Australia, which makes her quad-lingual speakers of English, Chinese, Thai and Japanese. 

She specialises in crosscultural communication, global mindsets and global leadership. She has a master’s degree in business management, a bachelor’s degree in international relations.

She brings over 10 years of international business experience including higher education, e-commerce, IT and hospitality to her training and coaching that are highly acclaimed as dynamic and fun filled with engaging case stories. 


Throughout her career, Rie has worked with and led a global team of over 20 nationalities as a marketing specialist. 


Yes, I Want to Join Japanese Crosscultural

Trainers Dojo ! 道場入門

Please send the registration form below ^^

After you send the form and make the payment, you will receive the link of chat system "Slack" that contains Tak’s welcome letter, starting task and live coaching dates.

The first video with learning instructions will be up on Slack in the middle of February.
We are excited to begin the conversation with you. LET'S BEGIN!!

What Participants Say about Tak’s Programs

2 days vs. 5 years
Banker, Singapore
What I learned in this 2 day Diversity Manager course is much deeper than what I learned in my 5 years employment at my bank

Turn complex to simple
HR consultant, Vietnam

My company now encounters many problems with non-Japanese staff. Kawatani sensei was able to take the complex and make it simple. I was surprised that he pointed out areas where I could do things better. The session is very much tuned in to where I was. Sensei was very approachable and encouraging, and it was really fun! I learnt the concrete steps to connect with Japanese people. I hope this seminar will reach more people and wish every foreigner success at Japanese companies.

Incredibly Helpful!

Intercultural Coach, Language Teacher, USA

Highly recommendable! I just recently participated in one of the sessions myself and found it extremely insightful. Both intercultural trainers and professionals doing business with Japan will find these sessions incredibly helpful. No matter how much you think you know, there is always something new to discover. Never stop learning and discovering!

A bridge with top management
Manufacturing, production control, Malaysia

Thanks to this program, I have been able to understand, for the first time, what my Japanese president was thinking. Before the program, we had all kinds of misperceptions about each other that were hard to untie. I hope Mr. Kawatani will continue to serve as a bridge between us and top management. Thank you very much.

Putting fuel to the fire!

Senior Security Manager, Hong Kong
Security issues require fine skills of business discussion with Tokyo office colleagues and 
seniors. Due to time pressure and their too detailed discussion, I have been under a lot of stress, hence ending up with fighting with them. I guess my style was adding fuel to the fire only. I found today effective ways to make them happy while getting things done on my side. 

Endorsements from Clients and Colleagues 


Tetsu Horie

Executive Coach, Consultant, Advisor, Lecturer, Facilitator

I have known Kawatani san for 20 years. He is such a “rare talent” that of course knows Japan, Japanese companies and Japanese people, but also is familiar completely with overseas organization and individual behaviors with cultural perspectives from the experiences of his own and the work he was engaged in. The contents of his lectures, workshops and books are all valuable inputs for those in inter-cultural environments. Kawatani san is also a wonderful person with various hobbies. I respect Kawatani san.


Paul Jaffe

Intercultural Consultant - Bridging the Japan-U.S Culture and Communication Gap

I have had the privilege to be associated with Takashi Kawatani for 30 years. He helped me get started in the field of intercultural training, and I still consider him one of my go-to people when I have something I want to discuss. He has a great depth of experience across a variety of cultures, and he also has a gift for understanding what is important to people. He is not a guy who starts up in the air with theory, but rather knows how to make things happen on the ground, and applies theories when it will help people grasp something important. He helps people gain new understanding and skills, gets real results.


David Sweeney

General Manager International Human Resources; Penta-Ocean Construction Pte Ltd

I worked with Kawatani san for years in my role has GM HR Asia Pacific Mitsui & Co. He regularly ran our senior management cross-cultural understanding programme and made a real difference to the accelerated globalisation of our company. His structured approach enabled understanding and true mindset change. Thanks Kawatani san!  


Lily Lau

Certified Master Trainer, Colored Brain in Malaysia

I have known Kawatani sensei for over 20 years. He was instrumental in developing me in my early days of career in training. I sincerely appreciate his contribution and support to me. I have also worked with him on several occasions. As a cross-cultural consultant, he is passionate and would go beyond to deliver quality. He is an author of numerous books on cross-cultural in particularly in bridging Japan with other countries. I highly recommend him if anyone is looking for a cross-cultural consultant to bridge your culture with Japan. 


Kikue Yamamoto

Personal Leadership Senior Facilitator; Executive Coach

I've know him many years even before his starting his business in Malaysia. He is one of the most convincing and conscientious consultants in my eyes in the area of doing business cross-culturally with the focus on Japan and Asian countries. One of the reasons why he is so successful at that is due to his abundant experiences in business and his use of skills. He is also very balanced as a human being, i.e. in playing in the wilderness with children for hunting giant insects in Malaysia Japanese children love.


Olivier Scandol

Director of Development - Asia chez Plastic Omnium

Kawatani san was great in our Asian intercultural training session. Thanks to his experience and his listening skills, he was able to give me a multitude of examples and advice. Well done

Dr. Srilalitha Sagi.jpeg

Dr. Srilalitha Sagi

Associate Professor

Mr. Kawatani Takashi known to me through his television series on Japanese Culture, as I am an invitee on his show to talk about Japan and India Culture. His work in the area of Cross Cultural Management and International Business perspectives to coach people about the culture and its impact on doing business is to be appreciated. I find him very well traveled across the countries and did his research on India about the culture, business, history and contemporary issues makes him a very unique professional with skills of diversity coaching in the field of Cross Cultural and Multi Cultural management.


Yes, I Want to Join Japanese Crosscultural

Trainers Dojo ! 道場入門

Please send the registration form below ^^

After you send the form and make the payment, you will receive the link of chat system "Slack" that contains Tak’s welcome letter, starting task and live coaching dates.

The first video with learning instructions will be up on Slack in the middle of February.
We are excited to begin the conversation with you. LET'S BEGIN!!

●Dojo is organized by Success Japan Initiatives. SJI is managed by Diversity Management Institute Inc.
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