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Our learning programs are for real solutions for real-life challenges

in life and at multicultural workplace .
We guide you to speak honestly and approach crosscultural differences as opportunities to grow.
To that end, we seek for Japan Spirit to heal, synergise and rejuvenate.

What is​

Success Japan Initiative?



Success Japan programs are the microcosm of actual cases happening in multicultural organisations today. They are backed by decades of field research, training and consulting results from Japanese, European, and Asia Pacific organisations, private and public.
Our seasoned consultants conduct custom-design programs, extensive pre-seminar research and have published a few dozen books including bestsellers. Therefore, you will be learning not superficial how-to skillsets but sound research-based pragmatic solutions.



SJI has five offerings:
① Free webinars: rich sources of stimulating discussions

② Public seminars: inspiring workshops led by SJ consultants from Asia Pacific, Europe and US.

③ 1-on-1 coaching: custom-designed to address personal interests and issues of coachees’ led by executive coaches.

④ 30 Minute Live: on-demand video series about crosscultural business and communication.

⑤ In-house training: programs about global business, Japanese management, conflict mediation and crosscultural communication.


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