​30 Minute Live


We call our video programs “30 Minute Live”. In 30 minutes, you will obtain a rich extract of inspiration, knowledge and skills you might otherwise need several years to acquire.

Your 30 min. might be 30 years for the speaker. Buy precious time and invest in self-growth.

30 Minute Live

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How to Become a Successful Crosscultural Trainer

①Rie Eichmann

・crosscultural trainer & coach in personal and professional transition

・marketing expert of managing a team of 20 nationalities

・worked and lived in Taiwan, Thailand, US, UK and Brisbane, Australia

・TESOL-certified instructor

▶for who:

people interested to know what preparations are necessary to become a successful crosscultural trainer and the important elements of success as a consultant whether you have rich or little international living and working experiences.

▶Session points:

  1. Clients’ needs and goals-what do they want crosscultural trainer to teach?

  2. Real trainings topics Rie has been engaged and the audience profile

  3. What qualifies a good trainer? – knowledge, skills, attitude and character

  4. Branding strategy – what is “THE ONE THING” that differentiates you from other consultants

  5. What life events had the greatest impact on growing her cultural intelligence?

How to Become a Successful Crosscultural Trainer

Dr. Thomas Wilhelm

・Managing Partner at Projekt Philosophie

・Trainer, coach and consultant in value-based leadership, argumentation, persuasion, Asian business communication and conflict mediator

・MA in Philosophy, Logic and Chinese Language from the LMU in Munich. Ph. D at the University of Halle

・author of several best-selling books on communication, argumentation and business ethics

▶for who:

people interested to know the exact elements that make an effective crosscultural training and the competencies needed for a successful crosscultural trainer from a seasoned consultant discussing various stories and anecdotes.

You will also meet a living example of an extraordinarily successful consultant engaged as an expert of argumentation and conflict mediator both in Europe and Japan.

▶Session points:

  1. What is a good crosscultural training?

  2. Skills & competencies of a successful crosscultural trainer

  3. Topics of crosscultural training