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​Japan Initiative

Does our world need more debates to win or moments to reflect upon ourselves?
We are your life-partners to help you perform your personal best beyond crosstalk and antagonism in the ego-stricken world today.
Believe you can, and you are halfway there.


​About Success Japan Initiative

Since 1986, Kawatani Takashi (Tak) has been trying to facilitate crosscultural understanding within Japanese and international firms doing business with Japanese firms. In the process, Tak has been witnessing disparity of beliefs among people.

After coming back from a 17-year global training journey traveling out of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Tak has started Success Japan Initiative in 2017 in Tokyo. He feels this world is full of egos and antagonism and that Japanese Way could play a role to turn it to be a peaceful place: healing by the Middle Way 中庸 , balancing by natural way 自然体 and harmonising by appreciation 報恩.


Tak is an award-winning crosscultural management consultant, raised in Japan. Tak is now calling out for like-minded or different-minded! individuals and interculturalists to join him in his activities...someone passionate about co-project, co-writing, co-training or co-anything!

If you are working with someone from a different culture and seeking ways to improve relationship and resolve conflicts, knock on the door of Success Japan Initiative. Your compassionate friends are waiting inside the door. And may we present you with the maximum: “The Best Way to Get Ahead is Getting Started!”?


 Trainers Dojo


​Free Webinar

If you want to know what you need to know, join our monthly complimentary webinars.

But don’t be misled.

Ours are different from ordinary free events that are only previews of the main events.

The energy we put to prepare is no different from paid seminars.


Public Seminar

Whatever your curiosity is, whatever is blocking your talent, whatever solutions you are seeking.
Meet our compassionate coaches and share all with them.
They are always doing their BEST to help you see the desitination you want to see.
“The best way to get ahead is getting started!”

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1-on-1 Coaching

Success Japan Coaching is a total custom-design session to address personal needs of a coachee.

The learning occurs both during the live sessions and “between” the sessions by way of pre/post works to enable anchoring of learning in a coachee’s real life.


Success Japan Videos

Our video programs are a rich extract of inspiration, knowledge and skills you need to thrive in international business.
They cover from crosscultural management to Asian business cultures to strategic business Japanese/English for language learners. Success Japan Videos are concise and extremely pragmatic, condensed normally for 30 minutes to several hours. Programmes are available in English and Japanese.


Kawatani Takashi


Kawatani Takashi or Tak is a Japan’s foremost crosscultural management consultant. One of the vanguards of crosscultural training with Asia Pacific-based Japanese firms, he is engaged by business, government, military and academic organisations and has trained 20,000 people in 20 countries. An author of 13 books on crosscultural management.

Rie Eichmann.jpg

Rie Eichmann, MBA

Rie is originally from Tokyo and worked and lived in Taiwan, Thailand, US and UK and currently based in Brisbane Australia, which makes her tri-lingual speaker of English, Chinese and Japanese. A dynamic intercultural trainer and coach in personal and professional transition, she brings to her training rich international business experiences in higher education, e-commerce, IT and hospitality.


Dr. Thomas Wilhelm

Dr. Wilhelm has 29 years’ experience of facilitating workshops in value-based leadership, argumentation, persuasion, Asian business communication. He is a seasoned coach and provides support as conflict mediator. He lectures at SDI Munich, University of Applied Science. Thomas is an author of several best-selling books on communication, argumentation and business ethics.


Crosscultural ​Consultant

Tak Kawatani


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​Thank you!

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